A bibliography of saga translations

The aim of this bibliography is to include translations of all Old-Icelandic literature: Eddic poetry, sagas of Icelanders, þættir, kings‘ sagas, bishops‘ sagas, contemporary sagas, legendary sagas, and romances. The bibliography is a work in progress. Work started on it in the 1990s and the compilers were Áslaug Agnarsdóttir and Ingibjörg Árnadóttir (1941-2007), librarians at the University of Iceland Library.

Bibliographies by Halldór Hermannsson, Jóhann S. Hannesson as well as Marianne E. Kalinke and P.M. Mitchell in the series Islandica were taken as a starting point and the bibliography was originally only supposed to cover translations published since. The arrangement of their bibliographies was used as a basis. Information on translations of Old Norse-Icelandic literature was sought far and wide, for instance in bibliographical works, databases, in libraries in Reykjavík, Copenhagen and elsewhere, and from scholars in other countries. The information was arranged so that it was easy to find which works had been translated into which languages. The bibliography is now available online, so that users worldwide are able to access it. The program used here was designed by the IT Department of The National and University Library.

Please remember, however, that this is work in progress. All assistance would be welcomed from those who have taken an interest in translations of Old Norse-Icelandic literature in their own countries. Interested parties are asked to send information about new translations which are not included in the bibliography to Guðrún Laufey Guðmundsdóttir, at gudrun.l.gudmundsdottir(at)landsbokasafn.is.